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Landscape Management

At Sequoia Outdoor Living, we believe managing your property's landscape is more than just your typical checklist of seasonal requirements. Michael LaColla, co-owner and head of landscape operations, takes great pride in understanding the unique needs of each individual outdoor space. Michael makes sure to adjust our maintenance plan to perfectly attend to your property's specific needs - even if it means showing up randomly throughout the week just to check in and see how your property is looking. All of our landscape management practices emphasize using proper horticultural techniques. At the end of the day, we love what we do, and we care!

Landscape Management Services


Weekly Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

  • Mowing, Edging, Debris Removal 

  • Weeding & Cultivation 

  • Organic Mulch Installation 

  • Dethatching & Aeration 

  • Soil Testing 

  • Floral Displays 

  • Lawn Seeding


Turf Management

  • Preventatives 

  • Curatives 

  • Pre-emergents 

  • Post-emergents 

  • Fertilizers 

  • Insecticides 

  • Fungicides 


Plant Health Care

  • Ornamental shrub and tree pruning performed by trained horticulturists

  • Integrated pest management and disease control for shrubs and trees

  • Anti-desiccant winter spraying

  • Soil testing and soil enhancements

  • Root growth enhancements 

  • Mosquito control


Commercial & Corporate Maintenance

In addition to weekly lawn care and a tailored turf management program, we also provide the additional services for commercial properties:

  • Seasonal color and enhancements

  • Weekly parking lot maintenance​​

Seasonal Flower Displays

We specialize in enhancing your property's landscape in the spring, summer, fall, and even the winter. Each display is catered to your individual landscape by our team.

Two Program Options


Yearly Landscape Management Contract

With our Yearly Landscape Management Contract, everything your individual landscape needs to thrive will be included in a 10 month plan. All services will be bundled into one consistent monthly payment. Clients will be billed at the end of the month.


Per Visit Program

With our Per Visit Program, clients are charged for each individual service, also known as an "a la carte" service. Clients are billed at the end of the month and can cancel anytime. With the Per Visit Program, however, you will likely spend more during the busy times of the year and less during the slow times of the year.

Get a Quote for Landscape Management

Please fill out the form below to get a quote for any of our landscape management services. Depending on what you are interested in, we can have a quote for you within 24 hours.

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