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Who We Are and What We Do

Sequoia specializes in designing and building outdoor living spaces.


Tyler started mowing neighbors lawns in middle school using a wagon, basic landscaping tools and machines, and a passion for hard work. Over time, our list of services has increased to include full service landscape design & build. 

We place a big emphasis on design - what good is a project if there isn't a well made plan to execute it? 

We specialize in anything related to masonry, landscaping, and outdoor carpentry. We design and install custom patios, outdoor kitchens, landscapes, stoops, driveways, and retaining walls. We also install drainage systems, landscape lighting, irrigation, composite decks, pergolas & pavilions.

If you have an idea for your property, give us a call. Our passion is building outdoor living spaces that last for decades.

Tyler Seger

Tyler Seger is the owner of Sequoia Outdoor Living. His background comes from construction and architecture. He always emphasizes that a good design is invaluable. A graduate of Fred DeMatteis’s School of Engineering and Applied Science at Hofstra University, Tyler earned his bachelors of science degree in civil engineering with an emphasis in structural engineering in 2019. Tyler is determined to ensure a lasting relationship with his clients and can always be found working alongside his team in the field. As a Wantagh, NY native, Tyler spends his free time with family and friends. He loves the outdoors and enjoys fishing, going to the beach, building, and designing.

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