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Spanish Inspired Outdoor Space

Wantagh, NY


Patio Base Prep

Our team prepped this patio area and poured 4" of fiber-reinforced concrete. We installed a small 4x6' pre-cast dry-well underneath the patio to collect water from 2 gutters. Any flowerbeds had sleeves ran into them underneath the concrete for future use (irrigation, lighting, speaker wire, etc.)

Fiuggi Travertine Patio from the Ground Up

Carefully cut curves give this patio a very inviting feeling. Our team utilized a variety of plants, ranging from lush evergreens to colorful perennials to soften the hardscape.



Custom Firepit & Inlay

To give this patio a "wow" factor, we decided to incorporate a custom firepit circle in a herringbone pattern, set on a 45 degree angle to the main patio. The pavers used inside the inlay have a rustic surface, whereas the main patio has a smooth surface. This firepit features a Breeo smokeless insert, eliminating almost all smoke.

Patio Designed for Enjoyment

This patio offers a few different "zones" of enjoyment - from the firepit area, to the dining area, to the custom composite deck we built.. there is a spot for everyone in this beautiful backyard.

IMG_2504 (1).HEIC

Custom Fiberon Deck & Planters

We installed a Fiberon composite deck to allow easy in-and-out access from the client's kitchen to the patio.

We try to incorporate different textures in a backyard, in an effort to avoid everything being stone. In this case, it worked out great.

Birds Eye View

As you can see, this backyard outdoor living space has an area for everyone. Composite deck, firepit area, and multiple dining areas.

The curves flow naturally, and the carefully selected landscape offers just enough privacy.

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