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Backyard Space with Patio, Pool, Pavilion, and Artificial Turf Area

Wantagh, NY

Patio Base Prep

Our team prepped this patio area and poured 4" of fiber-reinforced concrete for the patio portion. Here, due to the slope of the backyard, a strip drain was needed. Our team installed a 4x6' precast dry-well to capture patio surface water and 1 gutter on the house. All surrounding flowerbeds had sleeves ran into them underneath the concrete for future use (irrigation, lighting, speaker wire, etc.)

Patio, Stoop & Pavilion Install

Our team installed a Cambridge patio around the client's existing pool. A stoop was made using Cambridge's Maytrx 6" block. We also built a 12x12' Yardistry pavilion. 



Pavilion with Privacy Wall

Underneath the Yardistry pavilion, we installed a privacy wall with mounted TV. This is the perfect spot to watch movies and relax on a warm summer night.

Turf Play Area

This backyard offers a few different areas to choose from when it comes to entertaining. The pavilion is a great spot to hang out and watch TV, while the artificial turf area is perfect for kids to hang out and play on the jungle gym.

One benefit of artificial turf is there is no need to water or maintain it.


Birds Eye View (1)

This is an overhead shot of this awesome backyard. As you can see, there are plenty of areas to be enjoyed in this yard. We spent a lot of time ensuring the design would work for the client and their needs.

Birds Eye View (2)

Another view of this backyard, showing the stoop and strip drain we installed (in front of the sliding door).

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