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Cozy Firepit Area, Outdoor Kitchen, Patio

Wantagh, NY


Patio Base Prep

Our team prepped this patio area and poured 4" of fiber-reinforced concrete for the patio portion. For the kitchen, the footing is 36" wide x 24" deep for the footprint. A cold water PEX line was ran into the kitchen for a sink, as well as all necessary conduits for electric. All surrounding flowerbeds had sleeves ran into them underneath the concrete for future use (irrigation, lighting, speaker wire, etc.)

Beautiful "L" Kitchen with BBQ, Drawer Refrigerator, and Cabinets

Our team constructed this "L" kitchen using Nicolock Verona block in their South Bay Blend color. The client decided on a 34" grill with double doors, (2) 3 drawer cabinets, a double-drawer outdoor mini fridge, and a sink. We also installed under-counter lighting throughout. Our electrician wired the entire kitchen properly, and this client opted for flush mounted outlets on the granite surface.



Custom Kitchen with Privacy Wall

The outdoor kitchen is approximately 14'6" long x 12' wide. The "bar" section is built higher to accommodate bar stools. This particular bar was built to fit around 6-8 people comfortably.

Our team also created a custom AZEK decking privacy wall to give the space a nice enclosure. Along with privacy, it adds a different texture to the area. We mounted the client's outdoor TV for them.  

Cozy Firepit Area

This backyard offers a few different areas to choose from when it comes to entertaining. A short walk through a lush garden brings you to this separate firepit area. This client decided to go with the Breeo smokeless insert, which drastically reduces the smoke from the fire. 

The sitting wall in the background offers additional seating when the gathering is large, however, when the party is small, it adds a nice backdrop / enclosure feeling.


Firepit Circle Surrounded by Lush Gardens

The firepit area mentioned before has a carefully determined diameter, which we have found is the most optimal size for a dedicated firepit circle. Even with Adirondack chairs, people can walk around the patio with ease.

The planting was designed to give privacy to also provide changing color throughout the year.

Birds Eye View

As you can see, this backyard outdoor living space has an area for everyone. 

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